Azerbaijan Visa (ASAN)
Azerbaijan Visa (ASAN)
e-Visa Details
Visa type
Multiple entries
Service fee
Visa fees
Single Entry Visa for 30 Days (5-6 days processing time)
90 Days
29 USD
26 USD
Urgent Single Entry Visa for 30 Days (24 hours processing time)
90 Days
59 USD
62 USD

How to apply for your travel visa

Focus on your trip, not paperwork. Let us help you easily get your travel documents
Choose your destination
Choose your destination
Tell us where you go and we'll do the rest. We even help you to choose the right option.
Complete online application
Complete online application
Everything in 5 minutes! Just one simple form, and no need to deal with the embassy.
Get your document & travel
Get your document & travel
That's it! Now expect your visa in your email or mailbox in a couple of hours, or days.

Visa Requirements for Azerbaijan

To apply for an Armenia eVisa online, you'll need to have the following documents ready:

A valid passport
An email address for visa delivery
A debit or credit card for payment purposes
e-Visa Essentials:
e-Visa issued in 3 working days.
Available for individuals, families (2 to 10 persons), and groups (10 to 300 persons).
Apply at least 3 working days before the planned arrival in Azerbaijan.
Passport/travel document must be valid for at least 3 months after e-Visa expiry.

Visa applications for Azerbaijan are now hassle-free and simplified on OFFVISA, minimizing the chances of errors. You can complete the process in just 5 minutes.
Remember to print the approved document and confirmation before your trip.
Visa Requirements for Azerbaijan
Visa Requirements for Azerbaijan


List of frequently asked questions and their answers

How long is an Azerbaijan e-Visa valid?

An Azerbaijan e-Visa is valid for 90 days and allows a stay of up to 30 days.

How long does it take to get an e-Visa for Azerbaijan?

It is faster and easier than a standard visa. You do not need to go to an embassy or consulate, just fill out a simple online form and you will receive it within 8 or 72 hours, depending on which you choose.

How can I get a visa for Azerbaijan quickly?

We can help you with that! Apply with us and you will receive your visa within 8 hours - all without leaving your house, as it's just an online form.

What do I need to do for a visa?

You need to fill in an online form and pay for it. Once approved, your visa will be sent to you via email within 8 hours. You just need to provide your passport as the only document.

How quickly can I get a visa for Azerbaijan?

The urgent visa will be delivered in 8 hours, the standard one in 3 days.

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