Singapore Arrival Card
Singapore Arrival Card
Electronic Arrival Card Details
Visa type
Multiple entries
Service fee
Visa fees
Electronic Arrival Card
14 Days
29 USD

How to apply for your travel visa

Focus on your trip, not paperwork. Let us help you easily get your travel documents
Choose your destination
Choose your destination
Tell us where you go and we'll do the rest. We even help you to choose the right option.
Complete online application
Complete online application
Everything in 5 minutes! Just one simple form, and no need to deal with the embassy.
Get your document & travel
Get your document & travel
That's it! Now expect your visa in your email or mailbox in a couple of hours, or days.

Visa Requirements for Singapore

Please note that the visa fee must be paid on arrival.
The electronic Singapore visa replaces the old Singapore arrival card (D/E card) and is meant to speed up the application process.
This e-card (SG Arrival Card) must be applied for before traveling, and once in the country must be exchanged for the final Singapore visa.
The SG Arrival Card is not a visa itself. Nevertheless, having an Electronic Arrival Card streamlines the visa application process. The primary objective of the SG Arrival Card is to expedite procedures at immigration counters and replace the traditional Disembarkation/Embarkation Card (D/E Card). Applying for the SG Arrival Card in advance is a wise step to save time in your trip preparations.
You can apply for a SG Arrival Card online if you meet the eligibility criteria.
Check my eligibility.
To apply for a SINGAPORE eVisa online, you'll need to have the following documents ready:

A valid passport
An email address for visa delivery
The dates of entry and exit from the country
Proof of accommodation in Singapore
Plane tickets
A debit or credit card for payment purposes

Visitors traveling to SINGAPORE are required to complete an online application form. The application process typically takes only a few minutes to complete. 
Our simplified application on Offvisa ensures a quick and error-free process.
Once the application is approved, you will receive an email confirmation with your visa.
Be sure to print the emailed visa and present it with your passport when you arrive in SINGAPORE.

Visa Requirements for Singapore
Visa Requirements for Singapore


List of frequently asked questions and their answers

What is the quickest way to get a Singapore Arrival Card? is the fastest and easiest way. Just fill out the application form on our website, pay and receive the card directly in your email. It is better to print it out before you travel so you can show it upon arrival.

What is the Electronic Arrival Card?

The Electronic Arrival Card is a trial project of the Immigration & Checkpoints Authority (ICA) for travelers to Singapore, with the aim of reducing queues at immigration offices.

What is the purpose of the SG Arrival Card?

The SG Arrival Card is not a visa. Instead, its purpose is to reduce time at immigration offices and replace the Disembarkation/Embarkation Card (D/E Card). Applying for it in advance can save you time during your trip preparation.

How do I apply for an SG Arrival Card?

You can fill out our simple application form and get your SG Arrival Card quickly. Apply now and let us take care of the rest.

What is the purpose of the Singapore Electronic Arrival Card?

The Singapore Electronic Arrival Card is a form filled out prior to travelling to the country which is currently in a trial period with the aim of replacing the Disembarkation/Embarkation Card (D/E Card). It is different from a Singapore Visa, which is a permit that grants permission to visit the country.

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